Ocho Octopus


 We want a cleaner ocean! Join our efforts to end plastics and other pollutants from entering our oceans and waterways. These beautiful signs are eye catching and tell lasting message to those who see them.

       "Only You Can Keep Our Oceans Blue" 

We are certain "Ocho" will increase awareness of ocean protection and safety as he begins to make his message known in your beach community. We promise your beach and ocean will be cleaner! 

 Where did "Ocho" come from?

"Ocho Octopus" was originally created as a work of art (watercolor painting) by local Santa Barbara artist Kelly Clause. Kelly has spent her career creating amazing ocean art. Born in Santa Barbara, California, into a family of naturalists, fishermen, and marine biologists, Kelly has been raised to love and appreciate what the ocean offers our world.  

The owners of SmokeyZone LLC , loved Kelly's original painting of "Ocho" and felt that the positioning of Ocho on the canvas was perfect for sending out the message of "Only You Can Keep Our Oceans Blue." 

 For more art work by Kelly visit: https://www.artbykel.com